Water and Real Estate Development in Idaho | October 10 & 11, 2017 | Boise

In many parts of the country we’ve gone from drought to too much water too fast. This creates some interesting water law issues for organizations seeking to divert excess surface water for aquifer recharge.
We have other interesting water issues emerging from the rebound in real estate development in Idaho. One aspect is the conversion of agricultural lands to urban development and the water rights issues arising from change of water use from agricultural to domestic. Real estate and planning professionals will need to brush up on water rights and water quality law. We have a number of topics at this year’s program to help them do that.
Another development issue is the need for new water infrastructure. We’re pleased to have Lorri Gray, Pacific Northwest Regional Director of Bureau of Reclamation, speaking on the Trump Administration’s infrastructure development plans and prospects for federal funding for water infrastructure projects in Idaho.
A number of water infrastructure projects were put on the shelf during the recession and there is interest in dusting them off and moving ahead. There are a number of legal and technical water rights issues that must first be resolved, particularly for projects that went through bankruptcy.
Join us for a comprehensive discussion by a variety of subject matter experts on the water issues for real estate development in Idaho. More information is available here.


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