Renewables in the Midwest | October 3 & 4, 2017 | Minneapolis

As the Trump administration pursues its rollback of Obama administration environmental and energy policies, including the Clean Power Plan, in favor of fossil fuel development and use, subnational players are coming to the forefront for promoting renewables development. This is a combination of regional, state, and local government organizations, NGOs, and utilities that see renewables as a better long term strategy.
So, we’ll be emphasizing somewhat different things at this year’s Renewable Energy in the Midwest conference, focusing more on state renewables initiatives and the demand drivers behind those initiatives. This includes the Sustainable Communities Movement as an emerging driver for renewables development and the development of various forms of community solar.

This shift will have an impact on Midwest electric energy markets and grid operations. Since wind often blows when the sun isn’t shining, and blows at different times in different places, there will be ways for coordinated centralized renewables could take on more of the characteristics of base load generation. Learn from experts about the extent to which that is a possibility.
Getting to the bottom line, we’ll have special addresses by Commissioner Dan Lipschultz of the Minnesota PUC and Christopher Clark from Xcel Energy on policy priorities and business pros and cons for greater utility reliance on renewables.
Getting to the devil in the details, you’ll hear a very practical discussion of essential project development contracts and the challenge of making them work in harmony. Sign up now for what promises to be a very interesting, timely, informative discussion.
More information is available here.

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