Privacy | September 21 & 22, 2017 | Atlanta

Privacy concerns are again coming to the forefront with Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity issuing a sweeping request for nationwide voter data with the stated intention of making it public. The requested information including names, full dates of birth, voting histories and, if possible, party identifications—plus social security numbers.

For businesses, personally identifiable information about customers can be a powerful marketing tool and a valuable commodity in its own right. On the downside, security breaches involving personally identifiable information can cost a company dearly, both financially and in the form of a loss in customer trust.

Our upcoming Privacy Policy Development and Implementation conference, September 21 & 22, in Atlanta will be an excellent opportunity to hone your privacy policy development and implementation strategies. It starts with a discussion of a relaxation of federal privacy protections, which is likely to complicate compliance as the states step into the void with individualized approaches and victims turn to class action litigation.

The second day features two drafting workshops: One on terms for vendor contracts and the other on terms for consumers and customers. You’ll also be able to pick up an ethics credit actually relevant for people practicing in the privacy area.

We hope you will join us for what promises to be a very informative two days. More information is available here.

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