Model Toxics Control Act | September 28, 2017 | Seattle

This year’s bi-annual MTCA program starts out with changes to the program coming out of the legislature including funding levels. We’ll then have Jim Pendowski, Toxics Cleanup Program Manager for the Department of Ecology, provide the agency’s view of the impact of the new legislation, coupled with the Trump Administration’s proposed funding cuts for the Environmental Protection Agency, and MTCA priorities for the coming year.

We’ll have three additional topics on funding. One will be the evolving and expanding role for the state’s Pollution Liability Insurance Agency. Second will be a legal analysis of recent key court decisions on liability insurance coverage including Gull Industries and Xia v. ProBuilders Specialty Insurance Co. The third will be a case study of a project in the Rainier Valley to use the state’s Brownfield Redevelopment Trust Fund to clean up the Mt. Baker neighborhood.

MTCA cases require good technical evidence and we’ll address standards for use of empirical evidence to support or dispute the effectiveness of model remedies.

There has been a lot of debate over the effectiveness of the Voluntary Cleanup Program. We’ll have a panel discussion on how the program could be improved with Ecology, regulated community, and environmental perspectives We’ll also have a lender on the panel to discuss the impact on lender risks for financing.

Additional information is available on our website. We hope you’ll join us for an in-depth discussion of the most pressing current MTCA issues.

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