Contracting for Renewable Energy Projects | October 6, 2017 | Seattle

As western states push for more renewable resources and the market rapidly evolves, it can be difficult for a project developer to obtain a financeable traditional Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from a distribution utility. Fortunately, there has been a flowering of new approaches to PPAs. These range from direct sales to large companies wanting to establish their green power credentials, to sale of large customer energy conservation contracts under the PPA model, to creative use of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for financing smaller projects.

We’re excited to be able to present an intensive one-day seminar on these new approaches. A successful renewables development projects involves a large number of contracts that must work together in harmony to avoid a problem with one bringing down the entire project. We’ll wrap up the program with a discussion of those agreements and tips for making sure that you anticipate the ripple effect of a problem with one on the others.

It promises to be a very enlightening day. We hope you’ll be able to join is in person or via our high-quality webcast.

Details are available on our website.

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